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A Man’s Most Favorite Shirt to Wear

Men's fashion is a tale as old as the 1800s if we look at it in terms of when polite society started to conform to a certain way of dressing up instead of donning whatever struck their fancy.


Men’s shirts may have been an afterthought in previous centuries, but they are the highlight of an outfit in this day and age. With a multitude of options at their disposal, men can effortlessly find a favorite shirt for various occasions. As an apparel production company with 30 years in this field, who better than us to confirm that fact?


Below are only some of the many tops popular among half the world’s population.


Aloha Shirts

Originating in Hawaii around the 1920s, aloha shirts, also known as Hawaiian shirts, have gained global popularity for their vibrant prints and comfortable fit.


These casual men’s shirts have short sleeves, buttons, and collars. They can be worn untucked for a laid-back look. Apart from the vibrant print, it’s this artfully messy presentation that sets them apart from formal dress shirts.


Side Note: Aloha shirts are suitable for both men and women.


Polo Shirts

An invention of the late 1800s, the enduring polo shirt stands as a versatile and gender-neutral wardrobe staple, much like and nothing like its Hawaiian counterpart.


While polo shirts are available in various colors and patterns, they do not have the colorful palette or pattern freedom as an aloha shirt. However, they do possess an adaptable design that caters to anyone, though sizing may differ between men's and women's sections.


When hiring apparel manufacturing for polo shirts, you might also want to pay attention to the material, as some fabrics are more prone to shrinking than others.




T-shirts evolved from men's undershirts and have become a contemporary fashion essential over the years. Their history is rooted in practicality and comfort, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are one of the most beloved men’s shirts on this list.


T-shirts are now a fundamental part of basic clothing worn by people of all ages and social groups. With various styles, feminine, masculine, and unisex, t-shirts offer comfort and room style for various fashion preferences.



While commonly associated with women's fashion, the term "blouse" refers to loose-fitting tops that can also include men's shirts with a relaxed fit.


Blousy torso-wear” are typically cinched at the waist or hips, hanging loosely over the wearer's torso. Historically, the term has been used to describe shirts with a relaxed or feminine touch, offering a comfortable and easygoing style.


Oxford Shirts

Known for their adaptability, Oxford shirts are a wardrobe essential suitable for various dress codes and occasions.


Featuring buttoned-down collars for a neat appearance, these shirts are constructed from Oxford cloth, which is a durable cotton fabric. These tops are suitable for formal events, casual outings, or office wear.


Oxford shirts complement different items of apparel, providing an outfit for any occasion.


As a clothing manufacturer new jersey, we see each shirt not just as clothing but as a unique design opportunity. Infuse modern flair into timeless classics, anticipate emerging trends, and capitalize on our commitment to quality craftsmanship and creativity to redefine men's fashion.


Start with sample making NJ and tack more services as you need. Trust our experience and expertise, if not our words, to sell these popular men’s shirts at your store.


Reach out for further assistance.


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