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Bonded Fabrics: A Guide to Creating Double-Sided Materials

Double-sided materials are a boon for aesthetics and functionality.


From reversible jackets for two distinct looks to dresses with contrasting inner linings to activewear that offers superior breathability on one side and warmth on the other, you can achieve anything with this fabric.


These unique garments are made possible by fabric bonding, a technique you can always entrust us with if you’re in New Jersey or thereabouts.  


Let's break down the process and explore the exciting possibilities these materials offer for clothing designers and brands.


How Double-Sided Materials Come Alive

The process of creating bonded fabrics involves permanently adhering two separate fabrics together. At no point is there a need for sewing these materials.


Clothing manufacturer new jersey achieve this through the following methods:


· Adhesives: Quick Fuse uses specially formulated adhesives are applied to one fabric, and then the second fabric is pressed firmly against it using high heat and pressure.

· Lamination: A thin layer of thermoplastic film is placed between the two fabrics and then melted under heat and pressure, creating a strong bond.

· Ultrasonic Welding: High-frequency sound waves create friction at the point of contact between the fabrics, causing them to melt and fuse.


The chosen method depends on the desired properties of the final material and the pros and cons of the technique itself.


For instance:


· Adhesives offer strong bonding.

· Lamination provides a more flexible and waterproof option, which could be a problem when you want a stiffer consistency.

· Ultrasonic welding creates a seamless and lightweight bond but could turn out expensive for smaller brands.


The Benefits of Fabric Bonding

A Woman Wearing a Scarf and Jacket Made of a Double-sided Material


The products of fabric bonding New Jersey, double-sided materials, have several benefits, even though their primary purpose is skin-deep.


Here's how bonded fabrics benefit your clothing line:


· Functionality: Combine contrasting fabrics for specific purposes. For instance, a bonded ski jacket could have a water-resistant outer layer and a warm fleece lining.

· Increased Durability: The fabric fusing process improves tear resistance and the garment’s durability.

· Reduced Bulk: By eliminating the need for separate linings or paddings, bonded fabrics create lighter and more comfortable clothing.

· More Design Options: Double-sided materials open more creative doors. Making reversible clothing or garments with unique color combinations on each side is a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing possibility that would never have happened without these materials.

· Sustainable Practices: Bonded fabrics can reduce waste by eliminating the need for separate lining materials.


Where Do Bonded Fabrics Shine?

The possibilities with bonded fabrics are endless.


Here are some specific examples of how this technology is making waves in Garment production Passaic:


· Activewear: Double-sided materials facilitate moisture-wicking fabrics on the outside coupled with breathable mesh for superior comfort during exercise.

· Outerwear: You can turn bonded fabrics into winter jackets with a weatherproof exterior and a cozy fleece lining for warmth and protection.

· Formal Wear: Dresses and jackets with bonded linings can provide a structured and polished look while maintaining breathability and comfort.


The Future of Double-Sided Materials in New Jersey

As technology advances, we can expect even more innovative applications for bonded fabrics. Experimentation with different materials and bonding techniques will lead to lighter, stronger, and more versatile double-sided materials.


Quick Fuse will be the first to embrace such materials if it means we get to get rid of those bulky seams without compromising comfort. Visit our New Jersey location online to learn more about our knit backing service New Jersey, the types of double-sided materials we work with, and our applications.


Get in touch for more details.

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