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How to Create Inclusive and Comfortable Lingerie Designs

To create inclusive lingerie, it's essential to acknowledge and celebrate the sheer breadth of body shapes and sizes. Each individual is unique, and lingerie should be designed to complement and enhance these unique features.


To start with, consider a range of body types, from petite to plus-size, to ensure your lingerie designs flatter and provide comfort across the spectrum.


With that seed of an idea, browse our apparel production website to see how we can help you bring those designs to life.


The final product may or may not follow the following steps.


Fabric Selection

Choosing the right fabric is important for achieving comfort in lingerie design. Choose materials, or trust us to source the right fabric for comfortable underwear.


Just so we're clear, this fabric should feel soft and not the least bit abrasive against the skin. It should also provide the necessary stretch and flexibility, especially for undergarments, such as bras, bralettes, and so on.


Lucent satin, cotton satin, and jersey are excellent choices for undergarments. They promote breathability and overall comfort. You can go the extra mile by catering to various sensitivities across different body parts.


Inclusive Sizing

Designing comfortable lingerie means offering inclusive sizing options. Ensure that your designs are available in a broad range of sizes to cater to the body types of your customers—they should not fall somewhere between the numbers on your sizing chart.


This commitment to inclusivity fosters body positivity, allowing every wearer to find their favorite lingerie in their size. When these undergarments fit them perfectly, they promote both comfort and confidence among your audience.


Supportive Designs

Prioritizing support in lingerie design is fundamental to ensuring wearer comfort. Incorporate features such as underwire, adjustable straps, and wider bands.


These aspects guarantee that the lingerie looks appealing and provides the necessary support for different bust sizes. Supportive designs contribute significantly to overall comfort and confidence, but they are technically more difficult to get right than non-supportive lingerie.


Adjustable Features

Closeup of a Bra Clasp with Four Hooks


Inclusive lingerie designs should include adjustable features to accommodate the changing nature of a person's body shape.


Adjustable straps, bands, and closures allow the wearer to customize the fit according to their preferences. This adaptability ensures that the lingerie grows with the individual, providing long-lasting comfort. The longer the undergarment lasts, the less it will contribute to lingerie's global waste problem.


Empowering Designs

Comfort isn't everything, but it is a staple without which your lingerie wouldn't do so well in a marketplace.


Empower the wearer through thoughtful design. Focus on creating lingerie that makes individuals feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable in their skin. Thoughtful detailing, such as lace patterns or subtle embellishments, can add a touch of elegance without compromising comfort.


The key here is to do anything to make the lingerie design pop without removing the comfort element. Your pattern making new jersey

should always be second place to the functional element of undergarments.


As the industry evolves, let inclusivity and comfort continue to guide the crafting of lingerie designs that celebrate your audience's individuality. Work with Quick Fuse on lingerie that women the world over will look forward to wearing. Send your final sample to us for apparel manufacturing in New Jersey.


Get in touch for support and quotes.

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