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Disposable and reusable. Gowns, Masks, Aprons and Bibs.  Our specially formulated disposable fabric is specifically designed to meet PPE levels 2 and 3.

Disposable bibs

Made in our NJ facility from domestic material. This disposable bib is made from material that meets level 2 and level 3 PPE standards.

We can ship samples upon request.

At our state-of-the-art facility in New Jersey, we offer specialized PPE services, including cutting and sewing disposable and reusable gowns, masks, aprons, and bibs.

Our dedicated PPE sewing services in New Jersey adhere to the highest standards, ensuring the production of top-quality protective gear. The disposable fabric we use is specially formulated to meet PPE levels 2 and 3, offering robust protection.

Moreover, our disposable bibs, crafted from domestic material at our NJ facility, meet the stringent standards of PPE levels 2 and 3. To showcase our commitment to quality, we provide sample shipments upon request, allowing clients to assess the excellence of our PPE products.

When it comes to gowns, we are fully equipped to cut and sew various materials, including paper and laminate, catering to diverse styles and preferences. As a leading PPE gowns manufacturer in NJ, we prioritize precision and versatility in our production processes, ensuring the utmost satisfaction of our clients with every order.

Disposable and Reusable Gowns

We are completely set up to cut and sew medical gowns.

We can cut any type of fabric including paper and laminate and sew in any style desired.

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