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    With over 30 years of industry experience, Quick Fuse 2 is your one-stop apparel manufacturing solution!




    - Cutting - sample and production

    - Sewing - sample and production

    - Fusing - also known as knitbacking, fusing is the process of applying an interfacing to fabrics to stabilize, add support or change consistency of fabrics.

    - Bonding - the process of adhering two fabrics together making one double sided fabrics. 

    - Quilting 

    and more

    We provide a wide range of production services all in our New Jersey facility:

    All of our services are performed in house allowing our clients full access to their products at all times. This allows our clients to have full control over their production from start to finish.

    No Minimum Cutting & Sewing 

    We cut and sew all garments including:  swimwear, lingerie, shirts, t - shirts, children's wear, blazers, gowns, medical apparel ( gowns, scrubs and masks) and sportswear.

    The cutting process begins with our spreaders. Professional spreaders check every ply of fabric for imperfections and damages making sure that each garment is perfect when complete.

    All markers are checked and compared to samples and, if required, fixed so that fabrics are used as efficiently as possible.

    We specialize in matching garments, spreading fabrics on nails to make sure that all lines are straight throughout the entire garment.

    Once fabrics are spread our experienced cutters hand cut all pieces ensuring that throughout the cutting process all pieces are cut carefully and all notches are included in cutting.

    We do not have a minimum so we cut large quantity lots as well as sample lots.

    No Minimum Fusing

    Many garments require fused components. With our state of the art 63" fusing machines we provide both roll and block fusing. 

    Whether you are cutting in our facility and need block fusing or you just need a few yards fused for a project we offer this service. With our 20 + years experience in fusing and bonding we know how to fuse all types of fabrics including silks, velvet, leathers and delicate laces.

    We provide most types of fusibles at low prices and offer student discounts. 


    No minimum bonding 

    We are one of the only companies to provide bonding services. Bonding is the process of adhering two fabrics to each other creating one fabric.

    We have a specially formulated adhesive created specifically for us to use in the bonding process. This adhesive is strong enough to keep the fabrics from coming apart even after years of wear, yet, gentle enough to use on laces, silks and other delicate fabrics.

    With years of experience in bonding fabrics we have the knowledge to advise which fabrics would be best for bonding and if the client's fabric cannot be bonded we can advise on similar alternatives that will work better.



    Quick Fuse 2 is a full service apparel manufacturing business with every resource any designer or production manager could need.

    Quick Fuse 2 is a family owned and operated business apparel manufacturing company. We have over 30 years experience in the apparel manufacturing field and access to many sources to help our clients find the best materials.


    Our extensive knowledge and our wide array of services allows our clients to be able to create their products with full access at any time to the production process.


    Quick Fuse 2 offers free consultations for anyone interested in the apparel manufacturing process. 


    We work with our clients to ensure that they maximize their materials to the fullest extent and there is minimal waste.


    With our state of the art quilting machine we can quilt 100's of designs on fabric up to 70" width. Perfect for jackets, bags and anything else our clients can imagine.

    We can help you pick a pattern you love using our quilting program. The client can choose the type of top fabric and the type of filler they wish to use, we can recommend both fabric and filler for the desired effect.


    Quick Fuse 2, located in Passaic, NJ, stands out as a premier garment manufacturing business specializing in apparel production and clothing manufacturing. As a trusted apparel manufacturer in Passaic, we are a family-owned company with over three decades of expertise in the garment manufacturing field.

    Our comprehensive services include garment sewing, fabric bonding, and clothing production, making us the go-to choice for designers and production managers. We prioritize sustainable practices, working closely with clients to optimize material usage and minimize waste in the process. For those keen on apparel manufacturing in Passaic, Quick Fuse 2 offers free consultations, ensuring seamless access to the entire production journey.




    New Jersey:

    245 4th Street, Unit 2k

    Building 1

    Passaic, NJ 07055

    Business Hours

    Mon - Fri: 8am - 3:30pm

    ​​Saturday: Closed

    ​Sunday: Closed


    646 678 4422 - Mon - Fri 8 am - 3:30pm

    201 936 7997 - After business hours

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